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New Game FireAway

2009-12-18 09:05:15 by Flydiverny

Just uploaded my 2nd ever flash game onto NG, for some unknown naming reason its called FireAway. Please go check it out, FireAway.

Keep in mind that this is my 2nd flash game I've ever made, where the first was my Guess Me game(which is a pretty bad name). I'll probably keep uploading my other games or other flash things I do during school projects, and if I eventually do some project just for my own fun.

As always any Feedback/comments is very welcome, as these will help me to improve even further.

Screen cap of FireAway below.

New Game FireAway


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2009-12-18 09:11:36

This is a pretty good game.
But what I didnĀ“t like so much is that you have to wait a while after every shoot before you can shoot again.

Flydiverny responds:

Thanks, I guess the firing mechanics could use some fine tuning. Have been working with them a bit its just that the balancing between power ups, and starting fire rate and avoiding a spam firing.

I've been thinking of remaking the firing mechanic a bit to make the recharge work more like 'ammo' so you can fire X amount of projectiles and then you would have to wait if the recharge runs out. That would probably give a nicer feel, as you would then be able to fire some more with shorter intervals.


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